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Quality Policy

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard which accomplishes the objective of continual improvement of business processes based on good quality management practices. It covers all key procedures in the business to achieve high quality products and services.

Pierobon S.A. depends on its customers, therefore, the company must be acquainted with their present and futures needs, satisfy their requirements and make an effort to fulfill their expectations.
It is also important to get the most out of the available resources to guarantee business profitability. A suitable option to reach this goal is the implementation of quality management business model which focuses attention toward the interests and concerns of customers by combining efficiency with effectiveness. That is why Pierobon S.A. has decided to undergo ISO 9001 certification assessment process. By working to achieve the standard registration, the company is reasserting its commitment to carry out business procedure having customer’s satisfaction in mind.

Quality is also attained through neat organization, permanent motivation at every staff level-by adjusting everybody to their most suitable position in the company – and company commitment to ensure the necessary training to keep up with technical evolvement.

Pierobon S.A. declares to have full awareness of the placement and the importance of its products in the seeding process chain.
By understanding such factors, directors have determined on this standard implementation.

Due to the above mentioned reasons our company agrees to:

  • Fulfill the set requirements agreed with our customers and establish an effective communication.
  • Involve our suppliers into the system. As an essential part of the quality in the products we manufacture.

The company managers have defined the following aims for the se Quality System:

  • Permanent acquaintance with customers needs and the ongoing performance of our quality system.
  • Continual effort to reduce internal and external disagreement.
  • Assessment and choice of suppliers who share our same quality criteria so as to reach long lasting business relations and see ourselves mutually benefitted.
  • Compliance with legal requirements and regulations as regard hygiene, safety and environment care.